COVID-19 has fundamentally changed how people work. Since early 2020, millions have been working remotely from home. This large-scale work-from-home experiment has arguably demonstrated how viable remote working can be. As such, after the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies may choose to continue allowing employees to work remotely. Will such work-from-home policies have long run economic impacts? 
Berkeley Economic Review, UC Berkeley’s premier undergraduate economics journal, is now accepting submissions for its Undergraduate Essay Contest! This semester, we have picked a COVID-19-related economics issue that undergraduates can write about. We will publish the best submission in this semester’s issue of our magazine!
Our prompt for this semester is: “After the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies will continue to allow employees to work remotely. Will such work-from-home policies have long-run economic impacts? Explain why or why not.”
By writing one of the top responses, you will:
  • Have your work published in the Spring 2021 Issue of Equilibrium
  • Be recognized on BER’s social media and website
  • Receive a cash prize
Write a short essay of up to 750 words to support your claim. If necessary, please cite your sources. 
DUE DATE: Sunday, April 4 at 11:59 PM (PDT)Please send your response as a PDF to with the subject line: “S21 Undergraduate Essay Contest [Your Name]”
This contest is open to all undergraduate students enrolled at an institution of higher learning. Feel free to message us on Facebook or email us ( with any questions.
Good luck!

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