The Berkeley Economic Review, UC Berkeley’s premier undergraduate economics journal, is now accepting submissions for its High School Essay Contest!
The prompt for the Spring 2023 High School Essay Contest is as follows:
What are the benefits and drawbacks of a cashless society, and what potential impact could it have on individuals and the economy as a whole?
We will publish the best submission in the Fall 2023 issue of our magazine!
By writing one of the top responses, you will:
– Have your work published in the Fall 2023 Magazine
– Be able to highlight your publication on your college application
– Be recognized on BER’s social media and website
Write a short essay of up to 750 words to support your claim. If necessary, please cite your sources.
DUE DATE: Friday, April 19 at 11:59 PM (PST)
Please send your response as a PDF to with the subject line: “SP23 HS Essay Contest Submission [Your Name]”
This contest is open to all high school students grades 9-12. Feel free to message us on Facebook or email us ( with any questions. Good luck!

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