Equilibrium – Issue 4 (May 2020)
Download “The Unrealizable Libertarian Dream” by Nicolas Dussaux

“Paying Attention: The Attention Economy” by Ally Mintzer

“An Ill Economy: The Economic Toll of the Coronavirus” by Konnor von Emster

“A New Breath for U.S. Antitrust Regulations” by Nicolas Dussaux

“Political Polling” by Ani Banerjee

“Analysis of Taiwanese Economic History and Policies” by Howard Yan

“Is the Next Global Depression Imminent?” by Savr Kumar

“Should Big Tech Companies Be Broken Up?” by our Spring 2020 Essay Contest Winner, Katherine Stevenson



Preview of professor interviews featured on our namesake Journal (coming soon)

Equilibrium – Issue 3 (December 2019)
Download “Economics of Reparations” by Raina Zhao

“In the Long Run We are All Dead: an Economic Argument for Climate Action” by our Fall 2019 Essay Contest Winner, Vasanth Kumar

“Economics Driving the Streaming Industry” by Konnor von Emster

“US-China Trade War” by Grace Jang

“Venezuela’s Resource Curse” by Nanditha Nair

“The European Project: Crisis in the Aegean” by Howard Yan



Previews of published undergraduate research featured on our namesake Journal

Equilibrium – Issue 2 (May 2019)
Download “What is FinTech” by Mae Zheng

“Economic Abuse” by Parmita Das

“The Merits and Drawbacks of Philanthrocapitalism” by Vassilisa Rubtsova

“A New Approach to the Minimum Wage in CA” by Vinay Maruri

Professor Interviews: Gabriel Zucman, David Roland-Holst, Christopher Walters

Graduate Student Interviews: Philip Rogers, Todd Messer, Summer Sullivan

“A Smokin’ Hot Industry” by Olivia Gingold

“The Pip in the Kiwi An Analysis of the Automated Delivery Industry” by Abhishek Roy

“Bezos’ Billions and the disproportionate growth of America’s top earners” by Katherine Blesie

“The Power of Protests” by Parmita Das

“The Economics of Sports Stadiums”by Karthik Vegesna


Equilibrium – Issue 1 (December 2018)
Download “The Economics of Child Marriage” by Parmita Das

“Growth and Currency in Argentina: It’s Complicated” by Seth Bertolucci

“Rethinking Microfinance” by Vassilisa Rubtsova

“The Explosive growth of E-Sports” by Joseph Ng

Professor Interviews: Dmitry Taubinsky, Daniel Acland, Cihan Tugal

“Joblessness: The Effects of Technology on U.S. Jobs” by Katherine Blesie

“America’s Trade Frustrations: Could the Trump Presidency be Nailed by its own Steel Tariffs?” by Arsh Vishen

“The Clean Energy Conundrum” by Odysseus Pyrinis

“Standing on the Shoulders of Children” by Ariana Jessa