Berkeley Economic Review – Volume VI(Spring 2019)

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Curbing or Displacing Deforestation? The Amazon Blacklist policy by João Pedro Vieira (Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro)

Intertemporal Relationships between Bid Price and Number of Bids: Evidence from Singapore’s Vehicle Quota System by Luther Yap (University of Cambridge)

Contests with Uncertainty on Success Functions: Theory and Applications by Alvaro Enrique Aguirre Moya (London School of Economics)

Professor Interviews: David Roland-Holst, Christopher Walters, Gabriel Zucman

Berkeley Economic Review – Volume VI (Fall 2018)

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Essay Contest: Subsidizing College Tuition

Time Discipline and Southern Railroads Increased Watch Availability Raising Labor Costs by David Abraham (University of Chicago)

The Sino-African Relationship: An Empirical Study of the Effect of Chinese Foreign Direct Investment on Illicit Financial Flows in Africa by Fatima Ezzahra Daif (Yale-NUS College)

Real Exchange Rate Volatility and Economic Growth: A Panel Data Investigation by Federico Pessina (University of Warwick)

Professor Interview: Dmitry Taubinsky

Berkeley Economic Review – Volume V (Spring 2018)

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Essay Contest: The Economic Impact of Refugee Immigration

Noise Complaints and School Performance: Evidence from New York City by Eric Qian (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)

Singapore’s Primary 1 Registration: Redesigning the School Choice Mechanism by Ruru Hoong (Stanford University)

Human Capital Investment: An Examination of the Cyclicality of Bachelor’s Degrees Conferred by Field of Study by Mark Vandre (University of California, Berkeley)

Berkeley Economic Review – Volume IV (Fall 2017)

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Essay Contest: Universal Basic Income

Sanctioning Russia: A Forecasting Model of Economic Effects Under Alternative Oil Price Scenarios by Forrest Daugherty (Princeton University)

Transitional Communities or Poverty Traps?: An Assessment of Slum Residents’ Upward Mobility Potential in Delhi, India by Dev Flanagan (Boston University)

Professor Interview: Professor Alan Auerbach

Berkeley Economic Review – Volume III (Spring 2017)

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Essay Contest: Trump’s Economic Policies

Does Hiding Criminal Record Affect Labor Market Outcomes? Evidence from “Ban the Box” Laws by Jin Deng (Nanjing University) and Zixin Lambert Li (University of California, Berkeley)

An Application of the Phillips Curve to the Indian Economy by Shambhavi Tiwari (Columbia University)

Macrorprudential Policy and Non-Bank Finance: Implications for Commercial Real Estate Credit by Aidan T. Thornton (University of Pennsylvania)

Professor Interview: Professor Stefano Dellavigna

Berkeley Economic Review – Volume II (Fall 2016)

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Essay Contest: Brexit

Determining Yuan Valuation: An Extension of the IMF External Balance Assessment Approach by Shantanu Banerjee (University of Texas at Austin)

The Dampener on Urban Development: The Persistence of the Informal Sector in Mexico and its Repercussions on Growth by Jinchen Zou (Yale University)

The Monetary Policy Effects of Sweden’s Transition Towards a Cashless Society: An Economic Analysis by Therese Dalebrant (University of California, Berkeley)

Effects of Board Gender Diversity on Firm Performance and Director Compensation in India by Christopher Siantar (University of California, Berkeley)

The Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Racial Disparities in Health Care for Working-Age Adults in the United States by Alesa Zhang (University of California, Berkeley)

Professor Interview: Professor Shachar Kaiv

Berkeley Economic Review – Volume I (Spring 2016)

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Essay Contest: Corporate Social Responsibility

Gold, Trust, and Political Attitudes: Evidence from Ghana by Roxanne Rahnama (University of California, Berkeley)

High Tech Industry and Housing Supply in San Jose, CA: ex copia parum by John Paraskevopoulos (University of California, Berkeley)

Professor Interview: Professors Ray Hawkins, David Romer, and Ted Miguel